Why van leasing is the simplest way to avoid a ‘fuel trap’.

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It’s never been trickier to plan your next business vehicle. With so many factors making it hard to pick one fuel over another, here’s why van leasing makes real sense.
If it’s time to choose your next business vehicle, the fuel you put in it could increasingly be the deciding factor in whether you choose to buy or lease.
TJS Luton Van

Not so long ago it was all so simple – you chose diesel. It gave you greater mileage. The cost of the van itself was typically cheaper with diesel variants. And diesel was so much cleaner than dirty, polluting petrol. This isn’t some Victorian yesteryear we’re talking about either. It was 2010, when Gordon Brown’s government actively encouraged businesses to switch to diesel.
Funny how things change.
Now, diesel is no longer the clean option. There are more fuel options to choose from. And technology is changing the landscape with every passing year. So here’s how your choice of fuel inevitably leads you to flexible van leasing as the most sensible option for your business.
Let’s not pretend that electric vans are going to suit all businesses. In truth, with limited range and lengthy recharging requirements, they’re likely only to suit a particular niche of business (local deliveries, low mileage) for the time being. But things are changing and fast. Range is expanding and recharging times are dropping as battery technology improves – all of which makes buying an electric van about as wise an option as buying a brick-sized mobile phone in 1989 on the assumption the tech won’t get any better. Lease your van, and you’ll be able to ensure you always enjoy the best the technology has to offer.
Let’s call this the safe option – and the one that probably makes most sense right now if you want to buy a van. The problem is that as other vehicle technology improves, petrol could soon be the equivalent of Betamax, and no-one wants that.
The safer bet, then, is to lease a van now, so your hands aren’t tied as next gen vehicles become available.
Given the noise recently you could be forgiven for thinking that driving a diesel van was some sort of crime against humanity despite – until pretty recently – us all being assured that they were the cleaner, greener choice.
Actually though, new diesels – the sort you get when you lease a van – are the cleanest yet. You wouldn’t want to buy one unless you wanted to risk scary levels of depreciation, but a flexible van lease would enable you to take advantage of the value and simplicity of diesel, whilst keeping your options open for the future.
We’re starting to see more hybrid options appear although not too many feature in the van leasing market at present. Like electric, it’s very much a case of if you buy a hybrid now, the technology will be out of date next week. But if you choose a hybrid lease van (assuming you can find one), you’ll be future proofing your business.
Right now, we stock diesel and electric vans, and our flexible leasing arrangements enable you to take as many vans as you need for as long as you like without any ties or contracts. If, like many business owners, you’re waiting to see how the van landscape settles before deciding to buy again, van leasing with TJS could be the ideal way to tide you over. Ask us about flexible van leasing now.