Why van leasing has never made more sense

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In twitchy times, the last thing you want to do is tie up your capital
If you needed a van for a day or two, the last thing you’d consider doing is going out and buying one. You’d tie up your capital. You’d add an asset to your business rather than deducting a cost. And if you decided to buy a brand new model, you’d lose thousands in depreciation the moment you drove it off the forecourt.
Of course, no one would consider buying over hiring a van for a couple of days. And yet the position changes when you’re likely to keep the van for a while – despite all the drawbacks listed above still existing. Businesses still buy most of their vehicles, although a growing percentage are discovering the advantages of long term van leasing. But there is a third way.
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Flexible van leasing
You see, traditional van leasing comes with the odd drawback too. Once you sign the contract, you’re committed to a lease of, typically, two to three years. For any business a lot can change in that time, meaning you risk keeping a pricey white elephant on the forecourt or expose yourself to hefty early termination fees.
You could argue that risks are even greater right now, with Brexit, uncertainty in the pound, US trade import tariffs and oil prices all adding to a general feeling that you probably want to keep options as open as possible for the foreseeable.
That’s why, for some time now, we’ve been operating our own form of flexible van leasing. Flexible leasing means your business stays completely in control of its fleet arrangements with no tie-ins, no penalties and no risk of finding yourself with too many or too few vehicles.
One simple monthly fee makes things easy to manage, and you can add a vehicle to the lease when you hit peak season, remove a couple if you hit a downturn, and generally have a fleet of vans you can tailor as tightly as if you were hiring them on a daily basis.
And naturally, all the maintenance is covered.
Talk to us about flexible van leasing that does away with all the disadvantages of buying, and all the drawbacks of traditional long-term van leasing.