Why hire a car or van this Christmas?

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There are lots of ways a TJS hire car, van or minibus could make your life easier this Christmas…

Family Plus Tree & Presents in Hire Car

No one ever talks about the sheer volume of travel involved in a family Christmas. From heading home to transporting presents to hitting the sales, there are a lot of miles to cover. If your car isn’t the right vehicle for the job, rent one that is from TJS.

Ferrying the family

Christmas is a time for families to come together. When they do, however, you may well find there’s too many of them to fit in your regular vehicle. Perhaps it’s simply a case of hiring a larger saloon vehicle so you can comfortably seat 5. Perhaps you need a small minibus to be able to transport two families together.

Whatever you’re up to this Christmas, it’s always better to travel – and arrive – together. Talk to us about vehicles to accommodate the whole (extended) family.

Loading up the sleigh

Having room for the family is one thing. Having room for the presents is quite another. If the boot of your regular car won’t cut it, hire the extra space you need with one of our rental cars. And if you’ve really gone overboard with the gift buying, there’s always a Luton van…

2,000 miles

You don’t buy a car for a journey you make just once a year. So it may be that, when it comes to driving the length of the country to stay with relatives, you’d prefer to do it in something a little roomier, with a bit more oomph, than your regular city car.

Hire a vehicle with us and you can choose something that’s a safer, more comfortable bet on long distances.

Designated driver

There’s a big party and everyone’s invited. You could all drive your own vehicles there, but then many of you won’t be able to enjoy a drink. You could all hire taxis, but when you add up all the costs, you could find hiring a minibus works out cheaper, and then you only need one designated driver to transport you.

If you’re planning a journey this holiday season, do it in a rental car or van from TJS. To talk to us about your next rental, get in touch.

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