You will believe a van can fly

The horrific moment one van driver meets an unexpected roundabout is just one example of why the minimum age requirement for our van rentals is 25.

Van Crashing Across Roundabout

It’s one of the questions we’re asked most often: is there any wiggle room on that minimum age limit of 25? I’m 24, so couldn’t you just bend the rules a little?

We know it can be frustrating, especially when your own driving record is spotless, to be penalised for the driving standards of your peers, but as we’ve explored before, we chose 25 as the minimum age for our car and van rentals for a reason.

Reducing the risk

That reason is that under 25s are simply more likely to be involved in an accident than anyone else. According to Brake, the road safety charity, 1 in 4 under 25s crash within 2 years of passing their test. 16-19 year old drivers are a third more likely to die than drivers aged 40-49.

Amongst the reasons for that high accident rate are factors including experience, over-confidence, a more relaxed attitude to risk than older drivers and a poorer recognition and assessment of hazards.

And here’s a perfect example of all of the above:

Recorded on a motorcyclist’s headcam, the video shows what happens when you mix an 18 year old driver with a van load of friends, the high of travelling to a festival and an ‘unexpected’ roundabout.

The young driver had only had his licence for three months and, whilst he and his passengers escaped serious injury, he lost his licence for 12 months, received 80 hours’ community service and had to pay costs.

We know not every under 25 drives like this. Actually, we realise very few drive like this. But the stats are used by insurance companies to assess risk, and it’s a risk that makes it impossible to insure our vehicles economically.

But as soon as you turn 25, if you need to rent a vehicle, we’re all yours. Get in touch here.

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