Which van?

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Save money on your van rental by choosing the right van for the job.

TJS Small Van

You’ve decided you need to hire a van for a day or two to get the job done – but next comes the most crucial question of all: which van? The right answer can help save you money when it comes to booking your van rental.

Some decisions are obvious. Have a large load of loose materials (like gravel or soil) to deliver? A tipper truck really is the only viable option. But what about other choices?

TJS Tipper Van


It may surprise you to know that our largest van (the Jumbo or extra long wheel base van) isn’t actually the van for the heaviest loads. For heavy, your ideal van is the Luton van which, in addition to being the van that can carry the heaviest weights, also comes with a hydraulic tail lift which takes a lot of the hard work out of unloading and unloading. It’s for this reason that removal firms and companies that deliver large goods like fridges and washing machines will typically use Luton vans. Use this van for your own large scale removals, or for individual, large and heavy objects.

TJS Luton Van


If you’re transporting long rolls of carpet, long sheets of glass or something unusual like a long art installation or exhibition stand, you need a van rental that’s got the length to cope without leaving half of what you’re transporting sticking out of the back doors.

Jumbo or XLWB vans make sense here – their 4m length is the longest we supply.

TJS 4m Jumbo Van

Small but heavy

You may not be carrying large items, but when each individual item in the load is weighty, you won’t want to be crawling into the van to retrieve each one. Here, we’d recommend the SWB (short wheel base) van. This van hire makes sense because of the sliding panel door, so loading and unloading doesn’t have to be a back-breaking job. There’s also a decent amount of headroom in the SWB van, so it’s handy for tall items, or for being able to climb in to retrieve items at the back.

TJS Short Wheel Base Van

Need help choosing the right van rental for you? Just call us and let us know your plan. We’ll be only too happy to help.

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