Van rental – does size matter?

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Bigger isn’t automatically better. Take a more considered approach to your van rental and make life easier on yourself and your wallet.

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“What’s the biggest van you lease out?” We get asked that a lot. And rather oddly, there’s not one single answer. Do you mean the one that can carry the greatest weight (Luton van)? Or the longest one (Jumbo extra-long wheelbase van)? Or the one that’s best for big, loose loads (tipper van)? Or perhaps the biggest one you can drive on a regular licence (usually a box van)?

The thing is, when you’re choosing a rental van, biggest isn’t always best. So here’s our guide to choosing the right van for you.

Can I drive your rental vans and minibuses on my licence?

Providing you’ve got a full driving licence you’ll be able to drive most of our lease vans, up to and including our 7-seater minibuses and any van weighing 3.5 tonnes or less. The covers pretty much everything, although you may need additional categories on your licence for our larger minibuses.

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Jumbo or Luton van hire?

Our extra long wheelbase Jumbo van may be our longest, but our Luton or box vans carry a heavier load. So if you’re carrying long rolls or sheets of things (timber, carpet, plasterboard, etc) an XWLB van will be ideal.

If you’re wanting to lug heavy furniture or machinery around, though, the Luton will be your best bet. Not only that, but its hydraulic tail lift makes loading and unloading easier.

Which lease van is easiest to drive?

None of our vans are difficult to drive, but the bigger you go the less like a car it feels. So if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of suddenly having lots of extra height and width to control – and providing the load is appropriate – opt for a small or short wheelbase (SMB) van. You’ll find they drive like a car, feel like a car, and they’re much easier to manoeuvre.

Small van or SWB?

They’re our smallest vans – but which is right for you? The crucial differences are that an SWB has greater height, and a sliding panel door to access the goods inside. If, for example, you’re making lots of deliveries, the SWB can be an awful lot kinder on your back as you don’t have to crawl into the van to load and unload it.

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