Weekend away? There’s a hire for that…

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It’s the girls’ weekend. It’s the guys’ day out. It’s the club, team or social group’s big getaway. Now you just need to work out a way of ensuring you all get to your destination together.

TJS 17-Seater Minibus

There’s always one. If you say you’re meeting at seven, she’ll be there at half past. If the train departs at eight, he’ll be, er, still in bed.

Group breaks are a wonderful thing. But there’s always someone in the group who simply can’t do schedules and timetables. That can make organising such events a logistical nightmare, especially when your destination is a little off the beaten track.

The risk you run is that only half of you reach the spa hotel or golf retreat on time, or all of you get there late because you were waiting for you know who.

That’s when minibus hire can make all the difference.

Why choose minibus hire?

  • When you rent a minibus, everyone travels together. So everyone reaches the destination at the same time.
  • Driving yourselves gives you flexibility. Yes, there may be someone who’s late, but the worst their lateness will do is set you back a little. It won’t invalidate your train tickets, leave you stood on a station for hours, or mean your onward travel plans are ruined.
  • Minibus hire means you control the journey – so if you want to take a break you can. If you want to share the driving you can. And if you want to just put your foot down and get there in one stretch, you can do that too.
  • Hotel miles from anywhere? Hiring a minibus means you can drive right to the door with no need to wait for a taxi.
  • And when it’ time to head home, everyone gets dropped off at the door.

Weekends away are precious things. Make the most of every second. Hire a minibus from TJS, and give yourself real flexibility.

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