Breakdown season – tips to stay safe

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You may not realise it, but there’s a breakdown season – and we’re in it right now. So here are tips to ensure you stay safe on the road this summer.

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About this time every year, our large car rentals shoot through the roof as families with small cars decide they need something bigger for the week away. Opting for a hire car when holidaying in the UK is a growing trend because you can choose a vehicle to match the space you need (luggage and all). You get a car that’s well maintained – so you know it will get you to your destination. And if you happen to be driving a lease car day to day, you won’t blow your mileage allowance in a week.

Of course, lots of people don’t do that. They pile into the family car without so much as a check of the fuel gauge, which explains why last year, 48,500 breakdowns were reported over the summer holiday period. The AA and RAC even call this part of the year ‘breakdown season’.

To avoid becoming a statistic yourself this year, Highways England has issued the following advice:

Before you go

  • Check tyre pressure
  • Fill up with fuel
  • Check your oil and water levels and ensure your lights are working

On the road

  • If you’re on a motorway and your car starts to develop a problem, get off the motorway if you can
  • If you can’t exit, pull over to an emergency area or hard shoulder
  • Exit the vehicle on your left and stand behind a barrier (assuming it’s safe to do so)
  • Call your breakdown service
  • Don’t have breakdown cover? Call Highways England on 0300 123 5000
  • If you break down in moving traffic and it’s not safe to leave the car, keep your seatbelt on, switch on your hazard lights and call 999

What if my rental vehicle has a breakdown?

We have hundreds of vehicles on the road every day and can count the number of breakdowns we experience each year on the fingers of one hand, but sometimes the unexpected does happen.

If you break down in one of our hire vehicles call the number on your rental agreement.

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