Van rental and self-storage

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Why van leasing companies and self-storage businesses are a match made in heaven.

Large Rental Van at Storage Unit

For any self-storage business, the money is in low-maintenance. Get your customers to rent more space for longer and leave them to manage the loading and unloading, and you’ll enjoy significantly stronger returns than if you have to micro-manage the process yourself.

And one of the ways to keep service levels high and costs low is through fleet van rental. Here’s why:


Self-service makes it easy for you, but far more of a hassle for the person who has a (literal) shedload of kit to store and only a Mini to transport it in. Being able to offer a van that enables them to make their move in one run saves them a huge amount of time and hassle, and gives you an opportunity to earn from additional services that the client will eagerly sign up to.


Of course, you don’t have to hire your vans. You could buy them. But when you do, you’ll have vans on site whether you need them or not, which increases your parking requirements and, potentially, the security implications of keeping them on site.


The above factor also puts up overheads of course, with a major capital outlay required if you’re planning to run your own fleet of vans. Lease your vans from a rental company such as TJS, on the other hand, and you stay flexible. You only hire what you need. You only pay for the vehicles when they’re being used. And you don’t dent your capital.


Run your own fleet of vans and you’ll need someone to administer the bookings, be there on collection and return and clean them before they head out on their next job. Farm out your van leasing to someone else and you can pass the administrative load to them, and keep a tight control of your operating costs.


You’re a self-storage business, not a van rental company. Sticking to what you know best keeps your operation lean and uncomplicated, and avoids the need to enter the complex world of vehicle financing, insurances etc.

Make TJS van leasing a part of your self-storage business. To find out how, get in touch with your local depot.

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