How far can I drive my rental car or van?

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If you hire a car from us, the mileage is unlimited.

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You may be surprised to know that not every vehicle rental company handles mileage in the same way. Some are rather stingy with the mileage allowance, meaning that if you go over the allocated miles during your rental period, you’ll be required to pay extra.

When explored this issue, for example, it found that hiring a car at Heathrow Airport from Firefly would give you a mileage limit of 600 miles per rental. Exceed that limit and you’d be expected to pay 15p for every additional mile. Hire from Sixt at Edinburgh Airport and the same 600 mile limit would be accompanied by a 30p per mile levy for every mile thereafter.

Let’s just examine that for a moment.

Suppose you were to rent a car from Sixt in Edinburgh for a few days of touring the Scottish Highlands. That’s a fairly spread out area and you’ll no doubt be touring the likes of Inverness, Loch Ness, Fort William and maybe Skye. All told, that round trip is about 500 miles. Add in a few excursions here and there and you could easily add another couple of hundred to that total, leaving you 100 miles over your limit. At 30p per mile you’ll rack up £30 of additional charges. Add in a jaunt to John O’ Groats, just to say you’ve been, and the additional 240 mile round trip will cost you over £70.

These are the hidden costs that often catch car rental company customers out. And it’s why we operate differently.

Unlimited mileage

Take any of our rental vehicles on a personal, short term rental and you’ll have unlimited mileage. No matter how far you drive, we won’t charge you anything extra for racking up the distance.

And even when you take one of our hire cars or vans for a slightly longer period, we’ll tailor the price to your plans, so you get a generous mileage allowance to begin with and you always know how much you’ll need to pay if you go over that mileage. So whether you’re heading off for a long weekend or driving the length and breadth of the country making deliveries, we’ll help you keep the price down when the miles clock up.

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