Uni move? Hire a van

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If your resident student is about to become a resident somewhere else, don’t try squeezing everything they own into the car.

TJS Large Van

Starting university is many things – exciting, scary, an emotional rollercoaster for everyone – but it’s also an exercise in logistics. There’s an entire life to be moved and depending on where your child is moving and what space and facilities await them when they get there, your car may not be the ideal vehicle for the trip. So here are some reasons why van rental may be the best option for your uni move.

Space: Some student rooms remain shoebox sized and you’ll fit all you need in the car boot, simply because the car boot is bigger than the room. Yet there’s plenty more student accommodation that is impressively palatial, giving your child far more scope to pack everything they ever owned. We’d bet that’s comfortably enough to best your SUV, even with the seats down. But hire a van for a day or two and you’ll be able to pick the vehicle to match the load.

Damage: A university move isn’t a one off. You could be doing a smaller scale move every 10 weeks or so. And there’s likely to be a big, wholesale move at the start and end of every year. That’s a lot to put your car through and it’s unlikely to come thorough it unscathed – a particular problem if you’re on a car lease deal. Rent a van and it doesn’t matter about the odd scuff and scrape.

Security: Chances are, to get everything into the car, the parcel shelf will need to come out. That leaves plenty on show, and university moving periods are prime targets for opportunist thieves who know exactly what to look for. Rent a van, and you remove that opportunity.

Want to explore your options for hiring a van for your student’s university move? Talk to us now.

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