Top reasons to hire a van

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In an entirely unscientific and ad hoc way, we’ve surveyed our branches about the conversations they have with their customers, to find the top five reasons our customers have for hiring a van…


5. Getting the band on the road

There’s a pretty consistent lifecycle to bands. You start getting to gigs by loading everything into the back of a car. Then as the kit outgrows a car boot you have a choice. Buy something bigger or rent. If you get established enough to be gigging every night you might want to buy or opt for long term van leasing. But if your current bookings tend to be confined to Fridays and Saturdays there’s not much point in buying a van and having it sit unused for the best part of the week.

So at number five in our van rental charts, the bands who are on their way up, but still have a way to go.

4. The office move

When a small business gets just a little bigger, you don’t need to pay for removal companies to shift your workplace kit. The classic Transit size panel van should be all you need to transport a few desks, computers and swivel chairs down the road.

If there’s heavy kit to move (the fridge, the safe, the filing cabinet(s)) go for the Luton van – you’ll be grateful for the hydraulic tail lift.

3. The home move

Midpoint on our most common reasons for hiring a van and almost inevitably it’s the Luton van that does the job here. When you’re trying to manage a house move on a budget, hire a Luton van, rope in some friends, and ply them with pizza, tea, and something stronger when the work’s done.

2. The emergency hire

“My van’s been in for service and they’ve spotted a problem so it won’t be back today and I have a job that needs doing.” If we had a pound for every time our van rental centres have heard that one we’d have, well, quite a lot.

For vans that have let you down on a big day, vans stuck in their service (or on the side of the motorway), vans blocked in (not common but it does happen) and vans that were promised to you today until so-and-so nicked the keys and took it out for the day instead, let our short lease vans take the strain.

1. Bigger is better
We’re sort of merging two separate categories here to create one big winner in the reasons to hire a van. On the one hand are the van owners who have a job that’s bigger than their van can cope with. When your van is big enough for most jobs but not for absolutely all, it makes sense to rent a van on the odd occasion.

Making up the other half of the category are the car owners whose car boot won’t come close to carrying everything they need. Whether it’s a university pick up or a trip to the local tip, van hire is the sensible option when multiple trips are impractical, or when you don’t want to risk your car’s upholstery.

What’s your reason for renting a van? Whatever it is, lease or rent with TJS.

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