The world’s weirdest driving laws

Renting a car this weekend? Be thankful you won’t have to comply with any of these laws…

Driving Whilst Wearing a Blindfold

You know that nice, considerate thing oncoming drivers do when they know you’re about to run into a police speed trap? Where they flash their lights to warn you to slow down? Turns out its illegal and they could be fined up to £1,000 for obstructing an officer’s duty. I never knew that, although I always thought it was a little odd that motorists could give the game away like that.

Still, it’s nothing to what you need to be aware of if you’re driving internationally. If you’re hiring one of our cars or vans this week, be thankful you don’t have to keep any of this, compiled by carwow, in mind:

  • In Thailand, you can’t drive without a shirt.
  • In Russia, you can’t drive a dirty car.
  • In Germany, it’s illegal to stop on the autobahn, even if you run out of fuel.
  • In Cyprus you must keep both hands on the wheel, even when eating or gesturing.
  • In Costa Rica, you can drink and drive providing you stop drinking (or driving) before you get drunk.
  • In Alabama, USA it’s illegal to drive blindfolded (seems odd that that was ever a problem that required a law).
  • In Austria, police can use their eyes and their own judgement to gauge if someone is breaking a 30km/h speed limit.
  • Before they set off, drivers in Denmark must check for children sleeping beneath their cars.
  • In South Africa, drivers must let bovine animal, horses or ostriches pass.
  • In Clinton, Oklahoma it’s illegal to molest a car (nope, us neither).

When renting a car, we’d always advise you to make sure you know the rules of the road in the country in which you’re travelling. And if you are planning on renting one of our vehicles and driving overseas, please tell us about your plans first.

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