The Weirdest Things Left in Rental Vehicles

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We’re keeping a list…

It’s funny how one story can spark a whole conversation. Recently, we covered the tale of a corn snake that had been living in a rental van for five months. Which started us thinking: what are the strangest things we’ve discovered when our hire cars and vans are returned to us?

We’re currently working on our top ten and at some point we’ll share the details with you, but it’ll have to go some to beat this list compiled by an Australian car hire firm.

Among the ones that raised eyebrows here are:

  • The hand grenade (which would give the car rental company one hell of a fright)
  • The Scots Piper’s hat
  • The dummy dressed as an old lady (although we guess even ventriloquists need to hire a vehicle every now and again); and the real highlight…
  • Half a pint of beer and a CD entitled ‘The Art of Seduction’. Classy.

Weirdest Things Left in a Rental Car – An infographic by the team at VroomVroomVroom Car Rental

The weird, the odd and the plane unfathomable find their way into our rental vans more often than you’d think, but for taking the biscuit, we love this story (also from Australia) about a customer who was angry at being told they couldn’t rent a car without a license. “This is an outrage!” yelled the customer. “I know the law, and a rental car is not a real car! It’s like a bumper car! You know, like the ones in a theme park! You don’t need a license for that!”

If you’ve got something to transport (whether it’s run of the mill or rather more unusual) you’ll find plenty of choice at TJS Self Drive. Just remember to take it with you when you hand the vehicle back…

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