The Trauma of Rental Terrorism

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Why the victims can stretch far beyond the site of acts of terrorism.
In one respect, 2017 was a year to forget for the van rental industry. Because for much of the time, whenever there was a terrorist attack in Europe last year, it seemed as though a rental van was always involved.
Las Ramblas. Westminster Bridge. Finsbury Park. It was an all too familiar story and one that demonstrated that, even if you weren’t directly involved in the horror, it could have long lasting effects.
That’s something that was brought to our attention this week by an article on the owners of Pontyclun Van Hire. The first Paul Evans and his team knew of their van being used for an act of terrorism was when the attack on Finsbury Park Mosque appeared on the news. It shook them to the core then. It still does.
“To be honest, me and my staff still haven’t got over the shock,” he said.
Every van rental company is required to make checks. We do. So did Pontyclun. But when everything checks out and you’ve no reason to be suspicious, the hire proceeds.
To learn that one of your vehicles has been turned into a weapon must raise so many emotions: shock, guilt, anger, the worry that perhaps you could have done more or should have spotted the signs.
So our hearts go out to the Pontyclun team and all victims of terrorism – especially when rental vans are involved – not least because sometimes it can feel uncomfortably close to home.