The car in front is… see through?

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New in-car tech is set to make driving your hire car an awful lot safer.

Car Overtaking Lorry Safely

We’ve all been there. You’re driving your rental van or car on a single lane and you’ve been behind a tractor or truck for what feels like forever. Your foot is hovering over the accelerator and you’re waiting for the right moment to attempt an overtake. Except the right moment never arrives because you can’t see past the vehicle in front, or round the bend ahead.

But what if you could?

As Gizmodo’s article on Nissan’s stand at the Consumer Electronics Show demonstrates, tech is set to solve that greatest of driving conundrums: is it safe to overtake?

The technology, developed by Unity Technologies, uses a range of augmented reality tools, GPS and the connected tech of other road users to build a picture of the road ahead – whether that road is dead ahead, around a corner or completely obscured.

It builds on tech introduced by Valeo at last year’s CES, which uses the same source information to ‘see through’ the car ahead of you. With these new systems, the data from your rental van’s dash cam or your hire car’s proximity sensors can be shared with other road users – and vice versa – enabling you to ‘see’ what the car at the front of the queue can see.

All of this is essential to creating safe driverless cars in the future, but manufacturers believe we’re just a few years from seeing these sorts of advancements in ‘regular’ vehicles too, as they help to take the guesswork out of anticipating when to overtake. Once commonplace, we should see the risk of overtaking in your rental can much reduced.
Then you’ll just need the nerve to trust the tech enough to make the manoeuvre.

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