Sweden tests electric road

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Has Sweden found a solution to the two most frustrating issues with electric vehicles?
Electric is the future. Or at least, it had better be, given the war on diesel that’s now being waged. But, as we’ve found with our own first steps in the electric van hire market, your business needs to meet a very specific profile to be the sort of company that would be able to trade the petrol, diesel or even the hybrid for pure electric power.
As the technology currently stands, you need to cover relatively few miles in an average day, stay fairly local, and have clear points during the day or night when the vehicle can recharge.
As there aren’t vast numbers of businesses that can commit to doing all those things, it’s small wonder that van hire companies like ours are only taking baby steps at present regarding electric vehicles. But all that could be about to change.

The eRoadArlanda consortium is the organisation behind the world’s first electric road, which currently stretches a modest 1.2 miles near Stockholm. It’s a regular public road with a track embedded in it that is connected to the electricity grid. Each track section only activates as electric cars pass over it (ensuring no other road users are fried), and a moveable probe on the bottom of each car detects when an electricity feed is near and moves to connect with it. Once connected, the car battery charges while you drive.
As The Independent reports, you wouldn’t need to electrify every road. As long as main routes are covered, the in-car battery will take over for local routes.
Solved by Sweden
We love this, not least because it addresses the two biggest issues with electric lease vans at present: range and charging. As long as you can charge on the move, the range of your vehicle suddenly reaches as far as the track does.
Granted, at present that may only be one mile of Swedish terrain, but the development company is hoping to take the project worldwide.
In the meantime, if you’re looking to match your environmental commitment with the right rental van, get in touch.
*thanks to eRoadArlanda for the use of the video