The road signs that drive you mad

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Join the new campaign aiming to make road signs clearer, safer and easier to understand.

Road Signs Hidden by Trees

How often have you been at a critical part of your journey only to find that the road sign you really need is partially obscured by an overgrown tree? Or splattered with mud? Or perhaps the bit you really need to read has dropped off in a storm.

And then there are the occasions when you would be able to read the sign perfectly well if it wasn’t for the ten other signs crowding it out.

Our customers cover a lot of miles in our rental vehicles and we imagine you’ll be only too familiar with the road signs that drive you mad, offer no useful information or are so hard to read that they become a distraction.

Sorting the problem

Now, a new campaign called Sort My Sign is setting out to encourage change, by asking road users to report the worst offenders, so the signs can be reported to Highways England.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, said:

“There is nothing more frustrating than missing your turnoff because the sign was hidden behind a tree or missing crucial information.

“While we have some of the safest roads there are still too many signs which are broken, confusing or out of date. If it’s not clear, it’s not safe.”

Safer for drivers

We know the issue of signs is a bugbear with our customers. Next to potholes, misleading or damaged signs are one of the things our hire vehicle drivers speak about most often.

So next time you’re out in one of our rental cars or hire vans and you spot a sign that needs improvement, there’s finally something you can do about it.

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