Driving Home for Christmas?

If, unlike Santa, there’s no room for all the toys and goodies in your particular sleigh, rent a bigger one.

Car Full of Christmas Presents

For many people Christmas means two things: buying far more ‘stuff’ for more people than you’d originally planned, and having to make a 300 mile round trip to spend Christmas with the family.

The problem arises when the first of those things creates problems with the second. What do you do when you’ve bought the entire contents of Argos and find yourself needing to squeeze them all into your Ford Ka? Or worse still (if you don’t own a car), facing a train journey in economy with no room to swing a cat, let alone a sack full of presents?

You could post the lot, but that’ll cost a pretty penny and you’ve no guarantee it’ll reach its destination on time unless you pay a premium.

Or you could take the much simpler (and quite possibly cheaper) option: rent a vehicle with the capacity you need instead. So here’s our guide to which vehicles are ideally suited to which presents.

Medium car hire (Peugeot 308, Ford Focus or similar): Enough boot space for generous gift giving providing you’ve not opted for lots of bulky presents. And, depending on the number of passengers, you may have some additional space on the back seat too.

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Large car hire (VW Passat, Toyota Avensis or similar): Cavernous boot space for those with lots of presents to transport. Lots of rear seat space too.

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Small van: A van? For transporting presents? Really? It won’t be the right option for you if you’re travelling down with more than one other person (because you’ll need a car’s rear seats for the other passengers) but a small van does bring lots of bonuses:

  • It holds more presents than any boot
  • It doesn’t matter if every present comes in a hefty box
  • Nothing’s on display (unlike presents left on the back seat of a car)

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SWB van: You’d need to virtually be Santa him (or her) self to fill an SWB van with presents, but there are two big advantages of the SWB that’s ideal for big presents like bikes, furniture and large electrical goods such as TVs. You get height, so nothing gets damaged in transit. And you get a sliding panel door, so you don’t destroy your back trying to load and unload the van.

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Drive safely, have a very Merry Christmas, and if you need the right set of wheels for the job, rent your next vehicle with TJS now.
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