Time for a spring clean?

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Why hiring a van is the sensible way to have a spring clean without leaving the car filthy.

Man at Rubbish Tip with Rental Van

It’s that time of year. For the next few weeks, your local tip will be besieged by spring cleaners intent on de-cluttering. If you’re likely to be one of them, we have a word or two of advice – don’t risk the car; hire a van instead.

In our experience, renting a van for your big annual clearout makes sense for a range of reasons:

A van is bigger: You could spend all day making multiple trips back and forth. Or you could hire a van big enough to take everything in one job lot – which means you get the majority of your weekend back.

Keep your car clean: There’s little point in spring cleaning the house only to leave the car in a complete state. Pack it all into a van and spillages are easier to clean and don’t ruin your upholstery.

Protect your car’s value: Sooner or later you’ll either want to sell your car on or hand the lease vehicle back. When you do, you’ll be penalised for stains, dents and tears. Hiring a van for your tip trip avoids the risk of damage to your car – and can cost far less than you might lose in penalty charges or depreciation.

Avoid the puncture: We speak from experience here. In fact, it’s difficult to remember a time when we last visited the tip and didn’t collect a slow puncture for our efforts. As sheds are emptied and flat pack furniture is disassembled, your local tip becomes a haven of loose nails and screws, one or two of which will almost inevitably find their way into your tyres. You can avoid the cost and delay of a trip to Kwik-Fit when you do the run in a rental van.

So if you’re planning a big spring clean, do the tip run in a van from TJS. You’ll be glad you did.

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