Next Uni Trip, Hire a Van

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If your first university drop-off has proved too much for your car, next time, try a different vehicle.

TJS Large Van

This week will see all university students back on campus, which means that, from this weekend, you’re less likely to find the motorways around our university cities clogged with small hatchbacks stuffed to the sunroof with duvets, pans and kettles.

The first university drop-off can be a tough time for parents and students alike, but it can be just as tough on the car. Stuffing a room’s worth of kit into the boot and back seats can be an issue for all sort of reasons:

Driving safety: Wave goodbye to the view through your rear view mirror. Chances are you’ll be doing the entire journey using your wing mirrors.

Damaged upholstery: Depending on what you’re transporting, the upholstery can be in for serious punishment. You won’t appreciate the pot plant tipping over and covering the boot or back seat in soil.

Suspension: If your student is doing the opposite of packing light, your car’s suspension may not thank you for it.

Security: The problem with an estate car full of clobber? It’s all on show, which can be an unwelcome temptation to some.

Back pain: Once you’re crawled into the far corners of your saloon boot to eke out every last inch of space, you may well be left wincing and thinking ‘never again’.

Why van rental?

University drop-offs are easier when you hire a van from TJS. It doesn’t have to be a big transit van to take everything you need, and when you hire a small van or short wheelbase (SWB) van you get:

  • Lots of load space
  • Easy access and loading
  • No need to worry about damaging your car
  • Greater security, because nothing’s on show
  • Easy driving, from a van that feels like a car

We’re always busier around university term start and end dates, so if you want to be sure of renting the van you want, book it now..
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