Motorists unaware of penalties for using mobiles while driving

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If you’re hiring a van or car from TJS soon, could we ask a favour?
Generally speaking, the people who hire our cars and vans are busy. Busy delivering. Busy supplying. Busy picking up, moving and dropping off. It’s hardly surprising their phones keeps buzzing. But if you’re planning on leasing a car or van from TJS soon, could we ask a favour? Either connect your mobile to the vehicle’s Bluetooth, or don’t make or receive calls or texts unless your car’s parked with the engine turned off.
Person Using Phone Whilst Driving

It’s not just us saying that – it’s the law – but according to a new RAC survey, almost two thirds of drivers don’t know the penalties for using their phone whilst driving and a quarter don’t know that those penalties increased in 2017.
In response to the survey, RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said: “It is remarkable that such a high proportion of drivers seemingly remain unaware of the current penalties for using a handheld phone at the wheel.
“The law around handheld phone use by drivers, and the penalties associated with ignoring it, could not be clearer. Yet every year there are dozens of fatal crashes caused by motorists who have allowed themselves to be distracted by their phone.”
Mobile phone penalties
Just in case you didn’t know (and clearly, you wouldn’t be alone in that), the penalties for using your handheld mobile at the wheel are 6 points and a £200 fine. The increase was a response to fatalities involving drivers using mobiles increasing by almost 50% between 2015 and 2016, but of course the increase in the penalty can’t have an effect unless drivers actually know about it.
The RAC’s survey suggests almost half of the people who responded felt enforcement was key to making the new penalties stick – and to reducing the number of mobile-related fatalities.
Drive responsibly
From our perspective, we don’t want to see any of the people who hire vans and cars with us to face stiff fines and penalties – and we certainly don’t want to see them involved in accidents.
So when you rent a vehicle with TJS and if you’re not hands free, please, ditch the phone. Thanks.
*photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush from Pexels