Medium Car Hire from TJS

Car off the road? Need more room than your small car allows? Want to arrive at the meeting in something a little more impressive than your old tank? Talk to TJS.

TJS Medium Car

Vehicle Information

Typical Vehicle:Peugeot 308
Description:Medium Car
No. of Doors:5
Engine Size:1.6
Fuel Type:Diesel
Adult Passengers:5
Alternative:Ford Focus


What happens when the car you need isn’t the one you’ve got? The people who hire our medium cars are people who typically drive small city cars and occasionally need more room. They’re people who trust their old car to get into town and back, but wouldn’t trust it on the motorway. And they’re people who were planning to set off on holiday this morning, only to find their own car needs a new clutch.

For business or personal use, when you need to hire a medium car fast, talk to TJS.

Hire this car when:

Personal car hireBusiness car hire
Your own car’s off the roadAll your fleet vehicles are out
You need a bigger car than the one you’ve gotYour existing vehicle’s in the garage
You’ve a big drive ahead and you’re not sure your own car will make itYou need to make a better impression when you arrive at the meeting
You don’t need a car permanently, so hiring a car occasionally suits you bestYou need the flexibility you don’t get from buying – ask us about our flexible hire
You need room for 2 with a plenty of luggage (seats down) or room for 5 with hand luggage only


Driver and passenger safety

This car features:

  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • ABS


Medium car hire FAQs

What do I need to hire a car from TJS?
What condition does the car need to be in when I return it?
Can I hire a satnav?


Hire your medium/family car now. Complete the booking form or contact your local TJS branch on the right of this page.