LWB, XLWB or Luton van? Which is right for me?

Van Hire from TJS

Our XLWB vans are ideal for transporting lengthy materials – they’re the van of choice for carpet fitters, for example.

Although specific payload weights vary between make and models, XLWB vans typically have a lower payload weight than LWB vans, but they’re almost a metre longer.

Luton vans fall somewhere in between, typically a little longer than LWB vans, but not quite as long as an XLWB, although payload weight is roughly the same (as an XLWB).

The big difference with a Luton van is the ease of access. Access to an LWB or XLWB Jumbo van is via the rear doors or a sliding side door. Hopping in and out for tools or materials is simple enough, but if you’re planning on moving furniture or large products like washing machines, you’ll find the Luton van is better designed for the job.

That’s because a tail lift does the heavy lifting for you. Add a sack truck to your hire agreement and you’ll be able to swiftly and simply load furniture or goods, and use the full capacity of the van. So:

  • If you’re planning on transporting heavier loads, hire an LWB panel van
  • If you’re carrying longer, less heavy loads, hire an XLWB/Jumbo van
  • And if you’re planning on moving bulky loads and need a tail lift, hire a Luton van

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