Luton Van Rental in Rugby

Removals and relocations? Discover our most popular van for the job.

TJS Luton Van

Vehicle Information

Typical Vehicle:Ford Transit Luton T/L
Description:Luton Van with Tail Lift
Fuel type:Diesel
Adult Passengers:3
Carrying volume:18.6m3
Other features:Tail lift; rear roller shutter; load securing side rails

There are two major reasons our Luton vans are the most popular choice for removals and relocations. One is the heavy duty load capacity. No van in the TJS carries a heavier load, and few carry larger loads.

The second is the tail lift. Rent a Luton van in Rugby from TJS and you’ll find that manoeuvring loads on and off the van is far less backbreaking when you have a tail lift to do the job for you.

Hire for this van for:

  • House, apartment and office app removals
  • Delivering large goods – particularly bulky furniture and white goods
  • As a temporary delivery vehicle while yours is off the road
  • Business relocations
  • Plant transport

Rugby’s Flexible Van Rental People

TJS has been the first choice for van hire in Rugby since the 1970s. That’s because our customers know that, in addition to a big choice, top quality and great value, we work harder to adapt to your requirements.

So if you need to make last minute changes – perhaps an extra day, an extra vehicle or even a different type of van – we won’t make a fuss or penalise you. We’ll just get on with trying to sort it.

Next time you’re planning to rent a Luton van in Rugby, call us first.

You’ll find our Rugby van rental depot at 19 Hunters Lane, CV21 1EA. We’re close to the town centre and just minutes from the M1 and M6.

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Luton Van Rental in Rugby

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Telephone 01788 565 850
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Our Depot Manager is Ian Bowen

TJS Opening Hours

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Sunday Closed

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Luton Van rental FAQs

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