Move it yourself?

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Spring. Season of new homes and big moving days. And if you’re trying to keep down the costs of moving, we can help.

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In the past couple of weeks we’ve seen a flurry of rentals of our Luton vans to people moving house. This is something that happens every year. You can pretty much set your watch by it. Spring arrives, house sales start moving and then homeowners start getting quotes from their local removal firms.

Then they call us and do it themselves because it’s much, much cheaper.

The cost of a removal van

According to, average removal costs for a three-bedroom home are just short of £1,200. Granted that includes packing and disassembly/assembly but that’s still a whopping cost. And if your home has 4+ bedrooms, if you’re travelling more than 50 miles or you have special items to transport, you’ll pay even more.

Do it yourself

Hiring a Luton van makes sense for lots of reasons:

  • It’s the van the removals industry uses
  • It has a hydraulic tail lift which makes loading bulky objects such as fridges and sofas much easier
  • Fixing points in the van keep your goods in one place, so they don’t get damaged in transit
  • Luton vans carry a heavier load than any other comparable van
  • You’ll pay a fraction of the price of a removal company when you rent a van

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Make it easier

Of course, the one disadvantage of doing your own home removal is, er, you have to do it yourself. But even that can be made easier by following these tips:

  • Ruthlessly declutter ahead of the big day – so you have less to move and fewer trips to make. If you have loads of stuff to junk, consider hiring a smaller van for the tip trip too so you don’t damage the car and you can do it in one trip.
  • Plan the day – keep everyone fed and watered. Know what room is being packed first. Keep essentials to one side so you know where they are when you reach your destination. And have a plan for keeping things as dry as possible if the weather’s foul.
  • Use proper boxes – it’s worth investing in proper packing crates so you can safely stack them without damaging the contents.
  • Enlist help – friends will do anything for pizza and a bottle of wine. Get them involved, make the move a social event, and get everything done faster.
  • Start early and opt for a weekend – unless you’re taking time off to do the move, do it over a weekend to give yourself plenty of time.

Talk to us about hiring a van for your move or declutter now.

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