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And get all those jobs you’ve been meaning to do, done.

Large Van for Renting

You might not think Easter weekend would be prime van hire season. Most people are away from work after all, so all those jobs you might usually need a van for – deliveries, callouts, getting to and from your next project – are off the agenda.

And yet, last weekend saw vans of almost every sort hired for one common reason – doing the jobs our customers have been meaning to get around to for months.

The garage clearance

Bank holiday weekends may see many of us hit the road, but plenty more of our customers took the opportunity to stay at home and finally tackle the disaster area that is the shed or garage. The problem with the typical clearout, of course, is that most of us have far too much for a single car boot. And even if you maximise the carrying capacity of your SUV, carrying old paint with dodgy lids, or pieces of timber that can snag upholstery is hardly the best way to care for your car.

So if you want to do the tip trip in one journey and eliminate the risk of spills, pulls, tears and rogue spiders in your own car, hire a van.

Will my local tip accept vans?

Each local council has its own rules so check yours in advance. Some councils don’t require a permit if you’re only hiring the van for a few days. Others will offer free van permits for domestic use, but you may have to apply a week in advance, so it’s worth planning ahead.

The garden makeover

Bank holidays are classic gardening time, but there’s a limit to how much you can pack into your Vauxhall Corsa. Of course, you could arrange a delivery from your local DIY store, but there’s often a minimum order value and it can be hard to reach that with bags of compost and a couple of trellis fence panels.

Rent a van for the weekend, however, and not only can you load up everything you need; it’ll cost you next to nothing to make the return trips for all the things you forgot first time around.

The car boot sale

Few car boots are big enough to stock a whole day’s worth of products. And if you’re paying for a pitch, you may as well go loaded up with as much as possible to clear more clutter and get your money’s worth. What’s more, unless you’re planning on displaying everything on the floor, you’ll need to take a table too.

Which makes hiring a van a worthwhile investment.

Hire a van for the weekend and get these and other essential jobs ticked off your to do list. To find the right rental van for the job, talk to us now.
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