Need backup for your fleet? Why hiring makes sense

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Waiting for new corporate liveries to be applied to your van fleet? Hire a van for the interim.

White Large Panel Van

They can do incredible things with van graphics these days. Thanks to vinyl wraps, your van no longer needs to simply carry your brand name – it can advertise your products, services, values and more in a wraparound colour bonanza.

Think of the Sky vans decked out in their Game of Thrones decals, or Tesco’s “freshly clicked” delivery vans that look like hoppers of tomatoes on wheels. It’s unquestionably eye-catching, and a great way to build your brand. The only problem is that the van needs to be off the road for the graphics to be applied.

Recently, such a situation was cause for uproar in Aberdeen, as council vans sat unused in depots waiting for new liveries to be applied, while rental vans were hired to tide workers over whilst the ‘official’ vans were off the road.

Union bosses branded the additional expense “a disgrace” although to be fair, it’s not just graphics work that needs completing – it seems there’s electronic equipment to be installed too, all of which takes time.

They key is managing the process, and that’s where a local van rental company can help you reach more PR-friendly (and cheaper) solutions. Every fleet will have vans off the road for one reason or another from time to time. So developing a flexible van leasing arrangement with your local hire company – one where costs are kept to a minimum through careful management – ensures that you can maintain services whilst also ensuring that livery, electronics, servicing or repair work can happen as it needs to.

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