Life in the slow lane?

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If you’re hiring a van in Leeds, evidence suggests you may need to add a little extra time for your journeys.
You’ll find our van hire depots spread across a broad band of the middle of England, from Bolton to Leeds, and Rugby and Lincoln to Scunthorpe. Over the past year we’ve been looking at the mileage covered by our vans and, in a not entirely scientific way, we’ve reached a conclusion you probably won’t find all that surprising.
When you hire a van in Leeds, it takes a little longer to get to your destination than in most of our other locations. That stands to reason, you might think. At the meeting point of some of the country’s busiest motorways, it’s hardly surprising that Leeds’ roads move a little slower than, say, Scunthorpe’s.
But what is interesting is that our findings echo those of an official (and considerably more scientific) 2017 study carried out by vehicle tracking company Satrak.
Their figures show that half of the six slowest motorways in the UK are in the Leeds area. The M606 (the Bradford Spur), the M1 and the M621 into central Leeds are all relative crawler lanes, news that will come as no surprise if you use them regularly.
Mind you, there’s stiff competition from our Bolton depot, where the M60 Manchester ring road and the M602 from Salford cause major delays for many of our drivers.
It could, of course, be worse. The M25 is far and away the slowest motorway in the country, where the average speed is almost half that of the M602, the UK’s 10th slowest.
So if you’re leasing one of our vans for a jaunt to the London area and you’ll be spending time on the M25, you might want to add an extra day to your van hire…