Leasing’s on the up

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Leasing is becoming the world’s way to finance business, says new report.
You don’t have to convince us that van leasing is the way forward. No maintenance bills. No service or breakdown costs. No damage to your business’ working capital and total flexibility in terms of how long you keep the vehicle. It’s long been a staple of TJS’ van rental business and you can find out more about our flexible van leasing here.
But it seems we’re not the only ones to be enthusiastic about leasing. As this report in Fleet News notes, global leasing increased by 9.4% in 2017. Admittedly, that figure includes all forms of equipment leasing, not just vehicles, but van leasing is a significant portion of an industry worth almost $82 billion to the UK economy.
The UK and Germany remain Europe’s top leasing territories and are 3rd and 4th respectively in global terms. Top is the US with a leasing market worth $1,100 billion, and China is second, with a 61.9% increase to take its leasing market value to $206 billion.
What’s behind the growth? It seems that, wherever you look, each market faces a degree of uncertainty. The UK and Germany are both affected through being on opposite sides of the Brexit debate. US business is wary of a reactive and unpredictable White House, despite healthy economic news of late. And China has seen its explosive growth of the past decade fall back to something a little less stellar.
The upshot is that all companies everywhere are seeking to minimise expose to risk, and that makes leasing – of vans and virtually any form of plant equipment – an attractive option.
It’s an issue we explore in more detail – and specifically in relation to vehicle leasing – here.
Want to explore how van leasing can cut risk and cost to your business? Contact us now.