Keyless van theft up in 2017

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Just because there’s no key, doesn’t mean thieves can’t gain access.
It was only ever going to be a matter of time. As the number of keyless vans on the road increases, it seems thieves have now acquired the technology to overcome some security systems and gain entry.
For van owners, that doesn’t just increase the possibility of van theft; it increases the risk that goods, tools and other van contents could go missing too.
That’s the message from Tracker, the vehicle tracking business, as it reveals a report that shows van thefts without the driver’s keys increased by almost 100% in 2017 compared with the previous year.
The key (no pun intended) to the increase appears to be criminals’ increasing use of sophisticated technology to launch a ‘relay attack’ which can overcome a vehicle’s immobiliser and keyless entry and ignition systems.
As Tracker’s report notes, the additional cost in terms of vehicle contents, increased insurance premiums and the time taken up with the post-theft paperwork can be significant.
Keeping the thieves at bay
We regularly update our fleet of rental vans and, as we add new hire vans to the pool, we’re seeing more of them with keyless systems as standard. The chances of theft occurring during a short hire may be small, but as the lease period increases – or if you buy a van – the risk inevitably creeps up.
So in addition to fitting a tracker, remember to remove tools and other valuables from your rental van when it’s not in use. If you can place it in a fenced compound, secure car park or even a driveway, do so. And if you do have to park it on the road, try parking beneath a streetlight, or in an area with regular passing traffic.
Want to find out more about the security systems on our rental vans? Give us a call.