How to beat the bank holiday traffic

What’s the best way to get to your bank holiday getaway without sitting in hours of queuing traffic?

Cars Stuck in Traffic Jam

You’ve hired the car for a big weekend getaway. Or perhaps you’ve rented a minibus for shenanigans on a grand scale. And with everyone loaded up, you set off, eagerly anticipating a wild weekend ahead. And then you spend an hour or two on the M1/M6 nose to tail without moving – which rather takes the fun out of it.

On UK bank holidays more of us take to the roads to travel longer distances than at any other time of the year – which is why even short journeys can take up to four times longer than planned. The major road arteries (M1, M4, M5, M6 etc) can be particularly bad, but it’s easy to hit slow moving traffic virtually anywhere.

So to make the most of your hire car (and your weekend), follow these tips:

  • Check your route before you leave on sites such as AA Roadwatch
  • Set off early or late, when roads are quieter. If it’s a choice between setting off near rush hour or leaving it till later, set off later – chances are you’ll get there at the same time
  • If your satnav gives live updates, remember to switch them on and don’t ignore them
  • If you don’t have a satnav, switch on the traffic announcement function on your hire car radio. Don’t know how? Ask us before you set off
  • Know the roads you’re travelling well? Choose the routes less well travelled. You may end up taking a longer and more winding route, but you may also get their quicker
  • Anticipate where the busiest hotpots will be and plan a route to avoid the DIY stores, beaches, sporting events and shopping malls etc en route

Planning your next bank holiday adventure? Talk to us about renting your next car or minibus with us.

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