How safe is your MOT test centre – and what happens next?

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Why vehicle rental could be the essential fallback if MOT test centre problems in Northern Ireland expand to the rest of the UK.

M.O.T. Test Centre Sign

Questions are being asked about the safety of MOT centre vehicle lifts in England, Scotland and Wales after signs of cracking were found in 87% of centres in Northern Ireland.

In 48 of 55 cases, vehicle lifts in the region needed urgent remedial work, forcing many drivers to miss their scheduled MOT. With insurers refusing to cover vehicles that don’t have a valid MOT, there’s little option but for affected drivers to leave their cars and find alternative transport.

The RAC, who published the story, confirm “Questions surrounding the safety of test centres in England, Wales and Scotland remain unanswered.”

Lack of communication

The issue of safety is one thing. But drivers in NI are also frustrated at the lack of communication. In some cases, the inability to complete a full MOT check is only being revealed as drivers bring their cars into garages.

We don’t know if MOT centres in England have similar issues but it’s likely the news in NI will accelerate checks.

Rental alternatives

So what do you do if you take your car in for its MOT only to be told that it can’t take place? Renting a car or van is one obvious option, but if lots of people are faced with similar problems you could find a sudden shortage of rental vehicles near you.

In the short term, our suggestion would be to call your MOT centre ahead of your visit to confirm the work will take place. If there’s a problem, you’ll at least have some additional time to secure a temporary vehicle.

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