How far can I drive in my TJS hire vehicle?

We handle personal car hires for a day, business van leases for a year, and everything in between. That’s why our mileage allowances vary…

Close up of Car Odometer

First things first: hire a car or van from TJS on a personal, short term rental and your mileage is unlimited. So whether you’re staying local or driving the length of the country, we won’t be charging you anything extra for the miles you’re covering.

Things are a little more complex for van rentals for business purposes.

For short term van hires, the rules remain the same – when you’re renting a for a few days, you’ll have unlimited mileage.

Take a van (or minibus, tipper truck, welfare or mess van) on a longer lease arrangement and that may change because, depending on your line of work, the mileage could vary dramatically from one customer to the next.

You’ll always get a generous mileage allowance, whatever the lease or hire period, but we’ll give you an individual quote for each mid to long term rental based on the hire length and the miles you expect to cover. That way, whether you’re a local tradesman or a national courier, you’ll always know what mileage is included in your van lease, and what mileage will cost a little extra.

To talk to us about your car or van lease, and to discuss the mileage allowance you’ll need, contact us now.

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