Hit the road this summer

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Give in to your wanderlust with complete freedom this summer. Hire minibuses and cars with TJS.
A cautionary tale. Last summer, some friends decided to do a sort of low key grand tour round Europe via train. They took the Eurostar to Brussels, then headed to Berlin, before meandering their way back to Brussels (in a very roundabout sort of way) via Copenhagen and Amsterdam.
They loved it, but if they had one regret it was that their trip was, literally, on rails. As they zipped past schlosses and festivals and those moments where you want to get out and join in, they couldn’t.
They could have hired a car in Brussels, but that would have meant a left hand drive vehicle and that wasn’t something either of them was comfortable with. Neither did they want to take their own car as it was a lease and the trip would have smashed their mileage allowance.
But they could have hired a car with us.
Most of the vans and cars we hire stay in the UK, but we do allow some of our vehicles to travel overseas for an additional cost. All we need to know is where you’re planning to go and for how long so we can arrange additional breakdown cover and insurance.
Once that’s sorted, you’re free to meander as freely as you like, taking in all those spontaneous moments you’d otherwise only glimpse from the window of your train.
And if you’re planning on taking a larger party, our minibus hire can dramatically cut the cost of travel, enable you to all travel together, and give you plenty of luggage storage space too.
Give yourself the freedom of the road this summer. Hire cars and minibuses from TJS Self Drive.