Got a spring clean to do? Hire a van to make it easier

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If it’s getting close to clearout time, don’t leave the car to do the heavy work.

Couple Clearing Out Garage

We’re not betting types, but if we were, we’d put money on you having a tip trip to do over the next few weeks.

Winter is a time we all tend to leave the things we want to throw out to accumulate in the shed, garage or outhouse until the weather improves a little. And over the next few weeks (with any luck) the storms will subside and we’ll be able to get on with the job of decluttering.

Sometimes the car’s the tool for the job. But often you need something bigger. That’s when hiring a van can make the job much quicker, easier, less stressful and cheaper. Here’s how:

  • Bigger loads: If there’s a mountain of junk to, er, junk, you’ll be in for multiple tip trips, which means lots of time and loads of fuel. Not only that, some waste centres now actively monitor the number of trips you make and may place limits on you. So packing everything into one or two van loads makes real sense.
  • Awkward loads: It doesn’t matter how far forward you pull your car seats and how much you push and squeeze, sometimes loads are just too bulky for cars. So a hire van really is your only option.
  • Be kind to the car interior: You have a choice. Either risk bangs, scrapes, tears and spills in your own car and then spend a fortune on a car valet. Or choose a van, where it really doesn’t matter if a bit of soil or rubble ends up on the floor.
  • Be kind to the car’s suspension: Easily overlooked, but a car fully loaded for a mammoth tip trip could all too easily ding the suspension. And the repair bill will be much, much more than a hire van.

Will my local tip let me use a hire van?

Usually yes, but you may need to apply for a permit in advance and there may be restrictions on the size of van you should hire. Find out more about taking your van to the tip here. And for the current rules at your local waste centre, check your local authority’s website.

Then, hire your van with TJS.
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