Heatwave driving advice

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Should you change the way you drive in a heatwave? As temperatures continue to soar, we look at some of the guidance that’s out there right now.
Thermometer in Hot Car

There may be a little more rain in the forecast, but the trend is still generally hot and dry for the next few weeks. Whilst most of us take some precautions for snowy or icy weather, research shows very few of us make any changes to our driving preparations or habits in hot weather. But there are some things you should consider:

Check the tyres:
Hot weather causes the air in your tyres to expand, whilst hot tarmac (and in the odd instance, melting roads) can damage treads. It’s less of an issue when you’re hiring cars or vans (as we’ll have made pre-hire checks for you) but if you’re planning an extended car or van rental, or have a long journey planned, be sure to check pressure and tyre condition.

Check fluids:
Again, less of an issue for short term van and car hire, but for longer leases or if it’s your own car, be sure to check oil and coolant levels.

Check wipers and wiper fluid:
On long journeys you’ll collect a lot of dead bugs so you’ll need to ensure there’s enough fluid in the tank and that wipers are unclogged before you set off.

Park in the shade:
Not only does it make the car a little less hot next time you get in, it will also protect the water/acid solution in your battery (without which the battery won’t work). Additionally, and when temperatures are really high, parking in the shade can protect cracked or chipped windscreens from expanding and shattering further.

Watch those shades:
Not all sunglasses are appropriate for driving. We’ve done a piece about that here.

Keep drinks where you can get them:
It’s no good having drinks in the boot if you’re crawling along in traffic for hours. Keep a cool box/bag close by and ensure it’s well stocked with water.

Don’t leave children or animals in a car:
Common sense, of course, but every year you’ll read stories where this continues to happen. Even the quickest of stop-offs can turn into something longer, so please don’t leave anyone in our rental cars or vans (or any other cars and vans, for that matter) in extreme weather.

And with those words of warning, let’s all get back to enjoying the warm weather. If you’d like to hire a car to enjoy the best of the sunshine, get in touch now.