Hangover? You may be at greater risk of a driving accident

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If you’re hiring a car or minibus for a big event, or a renting a van after a bit of a session the night before, it’s worth remembering that even when sober, a heavy night can have serious repercussions the morning after.


We all know the dangers (not to mention the illegalities) of drink driving. And most of us also know that enough alcohol can remain in the bloodstream the morning after a big night to leave you in danger of breaching the blood alcohol limit for driving. But did you also know that, even if your alcohol levels are so low as to barely register on a breathalyser, your driving could still be impaired by your hangover?

That’s the finding of a recent study by the University of Bath, which found that a hangover can have “serious consequences for the performance of everyday activities such as driving.”

The report, which used data from existing studies, found concentration, focus, reactions and memory can all be affected by a hangover. Reaction times alone can be up to 20% slower with a hangover, even with little or no alcohol left in your system.

As the Express reported, the charity Road Respect advised last year that, if you’ve drunk 5 pints – or the equivalent – the night before, you should wait 12.5 hours before getting behind the wheel of a car again. And that was due to alcohol levels. If you’re suffering a hangover, your driving is likely to be affected for the remainder of the following day, irrespective of the alcohol in your blood.

A sober reaction
We can’t police when you’re hungover, but for your own safety, and the safety of passengers and other road users, if you’re hiring a minibus from TJS to attend a weekend event, hiring a car to attend the big wedding, or simply hiring a van after an evening that contained a few pints, stay safe. If you think you may not be up to driving, put someone on the insurance who is.

If you’ve already arranged your car hire, give us a call. We’ll be happy to add an extra driver.