Flexible vehicle rental for flexible work

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How van rental and car hire can help meet your vehicle needs in the age of flexible working.

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Once upon a time it was all so simple. Give the sales team a company car each. Give everyone else the use of a pool car or two. But then, things started to change. More and more sales happened online. More and more staff worked remotely. And gradually more and more businesses realised that whilst they still needed vehicles, the people who needed them and the places they were needed made the traditional carpool an impractical luxury.

Rather than an owned vehicle being used by the same person every day, now businesses need a far more flexible, agile model. Which is where car and van rental comes in.

A question of cost

It’s simple practicality. Why pay for a vehicle that spends most of its time unused, or a vehicle that’s never in the place you need it?

Short term leasing solves a multitude of issues:

Pay for what you need, flexibly

No hit to capital. No need to pay for a car to sit in the car park. And yet, on the occasional days when three staff all need vehicles for different tasks, managing it is easy. Vehicle rental doesn’t just prevent waste – it helps you meet peak demand periods too.

Tailor the vehicle to the job

Most of the time, a small car is all your staff need to do their jobs effectively. But suppose every now and again they need to make a delivery, or take an exhibition stand to the expo. When you hire, you can choose the right vehicle for the job every time, rather than having to make do with what you have.

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Right place, right time

It’s all very well having a pool car ready to go at your Lincoln office. But when the person who’ll be using it is working from home and they live in Scunthorpe, then the logistics (and fuel costs) of matching car to driver can become a real faff.

Rent a vehicle from a car and van hire company with multiple depots, and its much easier to pair driver and vehicle.

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