Driving home for Christmas?

If you’re hiring a van or car over the holiday period, here are a few things to remember to ensure Christmas stays merry.

Car Covered in Snow

Everyone has somewhere they need to be at Christmas. This year, many businesses will be closing on the 21st, and most of the remaining ones will be finishing around lunchtime on Christmas Eve. The roads will, therefore, be at peak traffic levels from around 3pm on the 21st, and around 12 noon on the 24th. Then there’s the sales season starting on Boxing Day, so you can expect major tailbacks around any major retail sites for the days following Christmas.

Here, then, are a few tips for ensuring your Christmas journey doesn’t become unstuck.

The morning after the night before

Christmas party season is in full swing, and as work ends and the days are filled with trips to friends and relatives, there’s plenty of opportunity for over-indulgence.

Remember that, if you’ve been drinking the night before you may not be safe to drive the morning after. Your body will get rid of about one unit of alcohol an hour after drinking. But that’s only a general guide as everyone’s body deals with alcohol differently.

You can find more about driving after drinking the night before here.

Plan your journey

From bad weather to getting caught in Boxing Day sales traffic, there’s plenty of opportunity to spend a great chunk of your break sat in stationary traffic.

So before you head out in your rental car or van, check the traffic situation and the weather forecast and plan your route and timing of your journey accordingly.

Think about making late or early starts to avoid peak traffic.

Plan for the unexpected

If you do happen to find yourself stuck on the motorway with the weather closing in, make sure you’re prepared. Keep the fuel tank topped up. Make sure your phone is well charged before you set off. Keep a coat or blanket in the car. And make sure you have enough water and snacks for everyone in the vehicle.

If you’re planning on making a major journey this holiday season, do it in a rental car or van from TJS. To talk to us about your next rental, get in touch.

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