Is leasing a van cheaper than buying new?

The economics of motoring have changed…   Time was that if you needed a van long term you bought, and if you needed one short term you rented. There was a mile of difference in costs between them, and few … Read More

The Weirdest Things Left in Rental Vehicles

We’re keeping a list… It’s funny how one story can spark a whole conversation. Recently, we covered the tale of a corn snake that had been living in a rental van for five months. Which started us thinking: what are … Read More

Snakes on a Van

Of all the things you don’t want to find left in your rental van… There are some things you expect to come with your van rental: load securing points, cup holders, perhaps a sliding panel door. But one van rental … Read More

The Trauma of Rental Terrorism

Why the victims can stretch far beyond the site of acts of terrorism.   In one respect, 2017 was a year to forget for the van rental industry. Because for much of the time, whenever there was a terrorist attack … Read More

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