Bad van driving is bad for business…

But your driving has to be really good to make a positive difference.   We came across an interesting piece in the Builder Merchants Journal recently that suggested poor driving can switch off potential customers. Undertaking, cutting up, failing to … Read More

Why van leasing is the simplest way to avoid a ‘fuel trap’.

It’s never been trickier to plan your next business vehicle. With so many factors making it hard to pick one fuel over another, here’s why van leasing makes real sense.   If it’s time to choose your next business vehicle, … Read More

Why van leasing has never made more sense

In twitchy times, the last thing you want to do is tie up your capital   If you needed a van for a day or two, the last thing you’d consider doing is going out and buying one. You’d tie … Read More

The depreciation solution

Why van rental resolves the biggest issue with vehicle ownership.   In 2016, according to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), the number of vans being rented or leased increased by 16.2%.   That’s one hell of an … Read More

Bus lanes for vans?

Is opening bus lanes to vans the answer to alleviating congestion on our roads and protecting the UK economy?   How long do you spend in traffic jams each week? For the people who rent our vans it’s perhaps the … Read More

Leasing’s on the up

Leasing is becoming the world’s way to finance business, says new report.   You don’t have to convince us that van leasing is the way forward. No maintenance bills. No service or breakdown costs. No damage to your business’ working … Read More

Keyless van theft up in 2017

Just because there’s no key, doesn’t mean thieves can’t gain access.   It was only ever going to be a matter of time. As the number of keyless vans on the road increases, it seems thieves have now acquired the … Read More

Reasons to rent

The current economic, political and environmental situation means van rental and leasing has never been more attractive to business owners.   Buying a car is a long term business. It requires you to have sufficient confidence in the status quo … Read More

New van registrations bounce

February 2018 was the best in a decade for new van registrations.   Over the past few months we’ve reported a fairly gloomy picture of the new van market, driven by the problems over diesel. Thankfully, the Society of Motor … Read More

Diesel Fleet Sales Fall Faster than Expected

Has diesel passed a tipping point in the van rental sector?   New registrations of diesel vehicles fell by more than 25% in January this year. Even with the (literally) toxic press that diesels have been generating over the past … Read More

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