Fuel prices – are they driving you to car and van rental?

This week, the average UK cost of a litre of unleaded petrol tipped over £1.30. Diesel drivers passed that mark weeks ago and are now paying an average of £1.34 a litre. And the rises are expected to continue. Here’s … Read More

Which van?

Save money on your van rental by choosing the right van for the job. You’ve decided you need to hire a van for a day or two to get the job done – but next comes the most crucial question … Read More

Uni move? Hire a van

If your resident student is about to become a resident somewhere else, don’t try squeezing everything they own into the car. Starting university is many things – exciting, scary, an emotional rollercoaster for everyone – but it’s also an exercise … Read More

Van drivers and the rarity of the loo break

A new survey reveals Britain’s delivery drivers are now under such time pressures that they don’t have time for a loo break. A quick trip to the loo seems like the most basic of human rights, but a new survey … Read More

The best motorway services

A bit of advice if you’re renting a car or van from any of our depots east of the Pennines: head to Wetherby or Woodall South for your coffee and loo break. There are some things the latest Transport Focus … Read More

Self-driving rentals take a step closer

As Google’s self-drive car trials taking customers to the supermarket, we ask what’s the potential for self-drive car and van rentals? As is so often with the case with stories about self-drive (and ‘sort of’ self-drive) technology, it’s less a … Read More

The next step in car rentals?

If needing to go to the rental depot to pick up your hire car or van is a frustration, Toyota may have the technological solution. photo credit: Toyota When you think about it, it’s probably the next natural step in … Read More

Licence derogation not all it seems?

The new licence derogation for alternatively fuelled cars may be welcome, but does it create inequality of its own? You may have seen the Department for Transport’s recent announcement that a standard Category B driving licence, which previously only allowed … Read More

Motorists unaware of penalties for using mobiles while driving

If you’re hiring a van or car from TJS soon, could we ask a favour?   Generally speaking, the people who hire our cars and vans are busy. Busy delivering. Busy supplying. Busy picking up, moving and dropping off. It’s … Read More

Life in the slow lane?

If you’re hiring a van in Leeds, evidence suggests you may need to add a little extra time for your journeys.   You’ll find our van hire depots spread across a broad band of the middle of England, from Bolton … Read More

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