The lanyard hazard

If you’re driving one of our hire cars or rental vans whilst wearing a lanyard, best take it off… We’ve never done a formal survey of this, but we’d say it’s a fair bet that a significant number of the … Read More

Why it’s not ok to ‘dent and run’

According to a new survey, 14.3% of UK motorists wouldn’t own up to damaging someone else’s car… which means they would all be committing a criminal offence. It’s one of those mornings. You’re running late. The weather’s foul. You’re in … Read More

Connecting Bolton & Leeds

Why a journey between two of our depots (and the places around them) could be set to get shorter. The M62. Britain’s highest motorway, and frequently Britain’s highest car park. If you work on either side of the Pennines but … Read More

Van rental and self-storage

Why van leasing companies and self-storage businesses are a match made in heaven. For any self-storage business, the money is in low-maintenance. Get your customers to rent more space for longer and leave them to manage the loading and unloading, … Read More

Fixing a hole?

If you’re about to take one of our rental vans or hire cars out on the road, mind the gap… In 2017, 512,270 potholes were reported to local councils across Britain. That’s a 44% increase in just two years, according … Read More

Speed angel?

Are the days of the speed demon numbered? New plans to cut road deaths could automatically limit your vehicle’s speed and keep you to the limit. Speed limiters are nothing new. If you’ve driven a commercial van or truck you … Read More

How much are traffic jams costing you?

New data suggests that timing your travel to avoid peak times could save you a fortune. If we had a pound for every driver who returned their vehicle to us saying, “traffic’s a nightmare!” or similar, we probably wouldn’t need … Read More

Van rental: a catering case study

When you’re launching a new catering business, a van’s essential, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy one. It can be an enlightening thing, talking to the customers who rent our cars and vans. Recently we were talking to … Read More

Why a no deal Brexit just made renting/leasing a van or car your only sensible option

At the time of writing, we have just five weeks to agree a deal with the EU before we leave on WTO rules. But if you’re planning on a buying a car, what does that actually mean? This isn’t a … Read More

The tools that came in from the cold

With the biggest freeze of the winter upon us, some advice for anyone storing tools in our rental vans. If you’re hiring a van to transport tools to your next job we’d always recommend removing them from the van overnight, … Read More

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