Van rental – does size matter?

Bigger isn’t automatically better. Take a more considered approach to your van rental and make life easier on yourself and your wallet. “What’s the biggest van you lease out?” We get asked that a lot. And rather oddly, there’s not … Read More

Need backup for your fleet? Why hiring makes sense

Waiting for new corporate liveries to be applied to your van fleet? Hire a van for the interim. They can do incredible things with van graphics these days. Thanks to vinyl wraps, your van no longer needs to simply carry … Read More

Flexible vehicle rental for flexible work

How van rental and car hire can help meet your vehicle needs in the age of flexible working. Once upon a time it was all so simple. Give the sales team a company car each. Give everyone else the use … Read More

What difference would a 20 mph speed limit make?

As the Welsh First Minister suggests 20mph should be the default speed limit for residential areas, we ask what difference would it make if 20 mph was adopted across the UK? It’s not as if 20 mph zones are a … Read More

Rent a Van for the Weekend from TJS…

And get all those jobs you’ve been meaning to do, done. You might not think Easter weekend would be prime van hire season. Most people are away from work after all, so all those jobs you might usually need a … Read More

How to beat the bank holiday traffic

What’s the best way to get to your bank holiday getaway without sitting in hours of queuing traffic? You’ve hired the car for a big weekend getaway. Or perhaps you’ve rented a minibus for shenanigans on a grand scale. And … Read More

Pavement parking – a plea for common sense

If parking on the pavement is made illegal everywhere, the move will affect many of the people who hire our cars and vans. So we’d like to make a plea for a balanced approach. We know pavement parking is a … Read More

Time for a spring clean?

Why hiring a van is the sensible way to have a spring clean without leaving the car filthy. It’s that time of year. For the next few weeks, your local tip will be besieged by spring cleaners intent on de-cluttering. … Read More

Parking fees set to jump

Watch where you park your hire car or van. Local councils look set to dramatically increase the cost of parking. The age of austerity hasn’t been a great deal of fun for anyone, and that’s certainly true for local councils, … Read More

Move it yourself?

Spring. Season of new homes and big moving days. And if you’re trying to keep down the costs of moving, we can help. In the past couple of weeks we’ve seen a flurry of rentals of our Luton vans to … Read More

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