Next Uni Trip, Hire a Van

If your first university drop-off has proved too much for your car, next time, try a different vehicle. This week will see all university students back on campus, which means that, from this weekend, you’re less likely to find the … Read More

Why are so many work vans white?

The ‘white man van’ has become a figure of legend. But how come so many work vans – including our own rental vans – are white? White is easier to keep clean. White keeps you cooler. White makes vehicles appear … Read More

Welfare vans & mess vans – what’s the difference?

And why does your business need them? Not every job is 9-5. And not every job comes with simple, everyday amenities close to hand. If you work in telecoms, energy, rail or road, for example, your work crews could spend … Read More

How far can I drive my rental car or van?

If you hire a car from us, the mileage is unlimited. You may be surprised to know that not every vehicle rental company handles mileage in the same way. Some are rather stingy with the mileage allowance, meaning that if … Read More

What is ICEing and what can we do about it?

Highlighting a bizarre new battle for electric vehicle owners. Once day, it’s probably safe to assume, every one of our hire vehicles – and every vehicle for that matter – will be electricity or hydrogen powered. Certainly, the internal combustion … Read More

You will believe a van can fly

The horrific moment one van driver meets an unexpected roundabout is just one example of why the minimum age requirement for our van rentals is 25. It’s one of the questions we’re asked most often: is there any wiggle room … Read More

Are you ready for the speed limiter?

How would you feel about your hire car or rental van slowing down automatically if you’re breaking the speed limit? Our rental vehicles (in fact, all vehicles) are getting smarter all the time. Not every car or van currently comes … Read More

The Bizarre World of Japanese Car Rental

What are you planning to do with your rental car? Our hire cars and vans get through a lot. If you can think of it, the chances are it has been transported in our vehicles, and it takes something a … Read More

Why is my Ford Kuga burning?

Google announces its most common motor-related searches of the last decade, and some of them are definite eye-openers. We live in a world where the answer to virtually any question is just a quick Google away. Let’s be honest, the … Read More

Putting a stop to idling

Using our rental cars or vans to make deliveries? Don’t keep them running when you park up. Most of us, it’s probably fair to say, know what idling (in a motoring sense) is. It’s stopping the car but keeping the … Read More

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