Driving On Ice

No, it’s not a new celebrity talent show (at least, not yet); it’s our annual reminder of tips and techniques for driving when the road surface gets slippery. It’s fair to say that this winter has been a relatively mild … Read More

New detectors can tell whether you’re on the phone

New tech detects the signal from your mobile and knows whether you’re using it whilst driving. You’re not allowed to use your phone whilst driving. It’s a law that applies to every driver of every car, bus, truck and our … Read More

Motoring Medication

‘Tis the season for coughs, colds and general lurgy. But be careful what medicines you take, because they could get you fined or banned. Since 2017, the DVLA reports that drug-driving related convictions have increased fourfold. We might think of … Read More

Are Motorway Service Stations Ripping You Off?

If you’re traveling any distance in our rental vehicles, chances are you’ll need to take a break at a service station. But before you buy drinks, snacks or fuel, consider this… It won’t come as a surprise to know that … Read More

Driving Home for Christmas?

If, unlike Santa, there’s no room for all the toys and goodies in your particular sleigh, rent a bigger one. For many people Christmas means two things: buying far more ‘stuff’ for more people than you’d originally planned, and having … Read More

Emergency Vehicles – What’s the Correct Way to Respond?

All’s well on the road. Then suddenly there are flashing blue lights bearing down on your rental car and you have a decision to make. What do you do next? It doesn’t matter which of our five vehicle hire depots … Read More

Why Do Learner Drivers Fail?

As the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) reveals the top 10 reasons why learner drivers fail their tests, we ask what’s the value in creating a top 10? Last year, the DVSA carried out almost 1.7 million driving tests. … Read More

6 Tips for Autumn Driving

If you’re taking your hire car onto the roads this autumn, here are a few ways to make your journey safer. Autumn. Season of lengthening shadows, foggy starts, blowing leaves and (usually) loads of rain. But driving your rental vehicle … Read More

The Tunes That Make You A Worse Driver

Want to be a better driver? Steer clear of Green Day when you’re in our rental vehicles… “Baby, we were born to run”. So sang Bruce Springsteen, although to be fair he never mentioned anything about running safely. Which is … Read More

How will Brexit affect fuel prices?

Next time you fill up your rental car, how will Brexit affect the price at the pump? It’s fair to say there’s been a lot more heat than light when it comes to all things Brexit recently. So let’s get … Read More

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