Driverless lorries take to public roads

Until now, all driverless vehicle testing has either taken place on private roads, or with a human driver behind the wheel, just in case. But a new trial of driverless lorries in Sweden has taken to the public roads without … Read More

X marks the fine spot

Driving your hire vehicle on a smart motorway? From this summer, when you see the red X above your lane, get out of it or face an automatic fine. We’re tempted to file this news story under ‘we thought they … Read More

Fixing a hole?

If you’re about to take one of our rental vans or hire cars out on the road, mind the gap… In 2017, 512,270 potholes were reported to local councils across Britain. That’s a 44% increase in just two years, according … Read More

Speed angel?

Are the days of the speed demon numbered? New plans to cut road deaths could automatically limit your vehicle’s speed and keep you to the limit. Speed limiters are nothing new. If you’ve driven a commercial van or truck you … Read More

The features probably not coming to a rental car near you

Some new and innovative features quickly become an integral part of virtually every car. And some, er, don’t. If you’re of a certain vintage, you may be able to remember a time when hire cars didn’t come with ABS or … Read More

Just walking the car

We’re not sure a walking vehicle has much application in the car rental market, but it could be an essential tool for emergency teams of the future. CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) has a long and impressive track record in … Read More

The car in front is… see through?

New in-car tech is set to make driving your hire car an awful lot safer. We’ve all been there. You’re driving your rental van or car on a single lane and you’ve been behind a tractor or truck for what … Read More

Not so smart?

Are smart motorways doing more harm than good? If you’ve taken our hire cars or vans on virtually any major motorway recently, you’ll have either come across a smart motorway, or driven through extensive roadworks caused by smart upgrades. There’s … Read More

Could a burger cost you your licence?

Paying at the drive-thru with your phone? Would you like an extra-large fine to go with that? It’s been a long day. You’re heading home in your hire car or van and you know there’s nothing in the fridge. So … Read More

Grand Theft Auto: the driverless car’s tutor?

Why the driverless cars and vans you might hire from us in the future could have a surprising ancestor. Congratulations. You’ve developed a driverless, automated vehicle. But before you can market it to manufacturers, the general public and car and … Read More

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