The Battle Over Batteries

Why the biggest battleground for success in the electric vehicle market won’t be the dealership forecourts, but recycling plants. Take a stroll around any of our rental vehicle depots and you’ll find the internal combustion engine still rules the roost. … Read More

Putting the Brakes on the Handbrake

Why the traditional handbrake’s days are numbered. Sit yourself in most of our hire vans and a number of our rental cars and you’ll find the traditional handbrake present and correct. But every year, as we replace models, the number … Read More

Are colour changing vehicles the future?

You can have any colour as longs as it’s… actually, you can have any colour. Last month, we ran an article about our rental vans (and all vans, for that matter) asking why so many of them are white. You … Read More

Gone in 10 seconds?

As WhatCar? puts the keyless entry systems in seven new vehicles to the test, we ask how thieves can exploit keyless entry systems, and what you can do to stop it. If you have a DS3 Crossback Puretech 155 Ultra … Read More

What is ICEing and what can we do about it?

Highlighting a bizarre new battle for electric vehicle owners. Once day, it’s probably safe to assume, every one of our hire vehicles – and every vehicle for that matter – will be electricity or hydrogen powered. Certainly, the internal combustion … Read More

Are you ready for the speed limiter?

How would you feel about your hire car or rental van slowing down automatically if you’re breaking the speed limit? Our rental vehicles (in fact, all vehicles) are getting smarter all the time. Not every car or van currently comes … Read More

Driving distracted

Is the expectation to be ‘always on’ driving more people to use their mobile phones whilst driving? You know using your mobile phone whilst driving is illegal. Get caught and it’s 6 points on your licence and a £200 fine. … Read More

Graphene, the solution to Britain’s potholes?

It’s the strongest compound known to man. But can graphene withstand the British weather? This isn’t a scientific study, but we reckon that you could probably drive our hire cars and rental vans an average of about 30 feet on … Read More

The Car Marque Self-Drive Team-Up

Two of the world’s biggest car makers are joining forces to cut the cost of making self-drive a reality. That car companies share components is common knowledge. A Renault Kadjar shares most of its innards with a Nissan Qashqai. A … Read More

Airless tyres are on their way

Your days of putting air in your tyres are numbered. Prepared to wave goodbye to the garage air gauge. We dread to think just how much time we’ve spent checking tyre pressures over the years. Tot up every check on … Read More

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