“Hey Elon Musk, your car saved my life.”

The autopilot on the Tesla Model X proved a lifesaver during Storm Dennis. It’s easy to be wary of automated features on cars. Anti-lock brakes. Auto-lane correct. Adaptive cruise control. Auto-emergency braking. Some feature on our hire cars and vans. … Read More

Smart motorways make drivers “sitting ducks”

A delay in closing blocked smart motorway lanes is putting lives in danger, Highways England report shows. For all the technology employed on the latest generation of smart motorways, there’s surely one element that’s more important to get right than … Read More

Is Induction the Answer for EVs?

New technology looks set to solve the single biggest issue facing the growth of electric vehicle sales. We’ve had electric vans available to rent at TJS for a few years now, but if there’s one thing that’s prevented us from … Read More

Introducing the Barnacle

Say goodbye to the wheel clamp. From now on, our parking enforcement friends may have a new tool at their disposal. You have to feel sorry for parking enforcement companies. Once they’ve clamped your rental car and charged you an … Read More

New detectors can tell whether you’re on the phone

New tech detects the signal from your mobile and knows whether you’re using it whilst driving. You’re not allowed to use your phone whilst driving. It’s a law that applies to every driver of every car, bus, truck and our … Read More

Why the rental van of the future might be hydrogen powered

Electric, we keep being told, is the future. But if that’s the case, what happened to hydrogen? You can’t move for electric vehicles right now. Every time you turn around, some manufacturer has launched a new one. Electric is the … Read More

Done in 10 Seconds? The Future of the Electric Vehicle

New battery tech is announced that could finally make electric the standard for hire cars and rental vans. Every week, it seems there’s another story about the potential of electric vehicles. We’ve all read predictions of increased range and battery … Read More

Why Everything You Know About Traffic Lights Is Wrong

The timing of amber lights could be about to change around the world. Consider our minds blown. Your hire car or rental van is approaching traffic lights. They’re green right now, but as you get closer, on comes the amber … Read More

Should Smart Motorways Be Scrapped?

“People are dying on smart motorways” says MP Grant Shapps. Not long ago, we ran a piece on this site about how to drive on smart motorways. It was prompted by research that showed many UK drivers are confused about … Read More

How Do You Drive on Smart Motorways?

According to one survey, more than half of us are getting it wrong. There’s no shortage of smart motorways to take you between our numerous car and van rental depots. The M1 and M62 in particular have miles of ‘smart’ … Read More

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